Om Monica Ivesköld

Nedanstående kommer att översättas inom kort.

My name is Monica and my mission is to help you receiving more success in your Life.

My motivation is to help people be successful in everyday life.

I can guarantee that you will make progress after working with me.

To mentioned some of my and my customers successes:

  • I cured my arthritis with mental training and Qigong
  • In more than 30 years, I had helped people release time (6 hours per week is average), create sustainable structures, making proactive annual planning in less than an hour, taught instructions to automate everyday life
  • More than 50 Swedish books for learning are issued since the 80s

Would you like to be the one who increase your Life?

To know what you get, this is some of my certificates:

ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) – to certify others
• Certified in Distance Methodology and Digital Educational Technology
• International Project Manager PMI (Project Management Institute)
• International NLP Practitioner Coach (NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Efficiency, Leadership, Communication, Stress and Business Coach
• Certified trainers for Defence College in the Swedish ”UL” which is ”Developing Leadership”
• Certified Solution Provider for work processes and organizational development (= certified business analyst with a focus on change management in both public and private organizations regarding BPMS: Business Process Management Suite)
• Certified trainers in the Chi Neng Qigong
Trained in Balance Economy
Trained in Digital Business Models



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